Insuring Your Risk, Defending Your Future

Protecting your family, your business and your workers is paramount to success.

If you’ve ever shopped for insurance, you’ve likely encountered some familiar problems. The options are numerous, the jargon is never-ending, and it’s difficult to find an insurance broker focused on YOU.

In 1965, we started our family-owned brokerage, C.L. Moore & Associates, to specifically help clients solve these problems.

We’re entering a new era as Defensive Insurance Services but our commitment remains the same: to provide customized, unbiased insurance options for small businesses, their families, and contractors in a variety of industries. We vow to earn our clients’ trust, educate them to make informed decisions, and defend their future.


We’re focused on enhancing and protecting customers in Novato, California, the surrounding Bay Area community and throughout the United States.


From personal lines to small business insurance, we’ve got your back.


Led by CEO Brent Moore (CPCU) and his 30-plus years of experience helping clients with clear and comprehensive information, Defensive Insurance Services ensures that you have a complete understanding of your options, and we’ll empower you to make the best decisions with confidence.


We want to become a trusted advisor that you can count on.


Our knowledge and expertise is expansive: personal lines coverage, general building, electrical contractors, engineering, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing…you name it and we know it like the back of our hand.


As an independent and family-owned insurance brokerage, our sole focus is YOU. When you trust Defensive Insurance Services to find the proper coverage, you get objective recommendations, access to a wide variety of carriers and coverage options, personalized 1-to-1 support and service, a simplified approach and – perhaps most importantly – an advocate who wants your business to succeed.


Insurance is an ever-changing and evolving industry. Our team at Defensive adapts to those changes while communicating how (and if) they impact you, which is another example of the service and dedication you can expect.


We’ll help you protect what’s most important – because that’s the way it should be.

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WHo we are?

Established in 1965, Defensive Insurance offers well-qualified independent insurance expertise to hundreds of loyal clients. Family Owned and operated for over 55 years, our comprehensive experience in the industry allows us to perform an Exhaustive search of coverage to ensure that you retain the optimal protection for even the most unprecedented circumstances. Over the past several decades we have provided Individualized service and taken the time to put pen to paper to serve un-automated clients despite an ever changing economic environment.

We remain vigilant in our advocacy for our clients and the indemnification they deserve. As a part of the Defensive Insurance’s family, we never hesitate to call our clients. Your smallest inquiries are our biggest concern. Brent Moore, (CPCU, Owner, and CEO) has over 30 years of Insurance experience established in tailored policies and consultations for personal lines, commercial lines, life & health, and recreational vehicles. Specializing in providing insurance for property owners, developers, and all construction trades we take pride in protecting the enhancement of our local communities.

Why Choose an Independent
Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Independent brokers are free of ties to any specific insurance company, meaning we can offer impartial options with a sole focus on finding the best coverage to meet your requirements.
Independent brokers have access to numerous insurance carriers and products, enabling us to compare multiple options and ensure we find the most competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.
Independent brokers take the time to understand your circumstances and preferences. We build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring your insurance solutions align perfectly with your lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals.
Independent brokers take the time to understand your circumstances and preferences. We build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring your insurance solutions align perfectly with your lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals.
When claims or any concerns arise, independent brokers are on your side. We act as your advocate, helping you navigate the claims process and ensuring your interests are protected throughout.

Insurance can be complicated, with various coverage options, industry jargon, and complex policy terms. Independent brokers are established experts in the field. We can explain the intricacies, answer your questions, and provide valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions

As your life and business evolve, circumstances change, and so might your insurance needs. Independent brokers are adaptable. We can adjust your coverage accordingly, ensuring you are prepared for whatever’s next.
Choosing an independent broker means establishing a relationship built on trust and reliability. We are committed to serving your evolving insurance needs over time, becoming a trusted advisor you can count on.
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our team

Brent Moore (CPCU)
Producer & Chief Executive Officer

Email: [email protected]

For more than 35 years, Brent Moore has provided trusted and expert insurance counsel to clients in the Bay Area and throughout the United States. Following a career in the NFL as a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers, Brent joined his father (Charlie’s) business at CL Moore & Associates (now Defensive Insurance Services) in Novato, California. Upon Charlie’s retirement, Brent took over the company as CEO. A respected and knowledgeable leader in the insurance industry, Brent’s specialty is finding tailored policies and consultations for personal lines, commercial lines, life & health, and recreational vehicles. 


As Producer & Chief Executive Officer of Defensive Insurance Services, Brent specializes in providing insurance for property owners, developers and all construction trades. He also takes great pride in protecting the enhancement of our local communities. 

Damon Moore
Producer & Chief Operating Officer

Email: [email protected]

Damon Moore is a third-generation independent insurance broker and a native of Marin, California. After a six-year college football career at San Diego State University and Florida International University, Damon moved full-time into the insurance industry where he now applies both his extensive insurance knowledge and his marketing background. Before joining Defensive Insurance Services, he spent two years with ADP.


As Producer and Chief Operating Officer for Defensive Insurance Services, Damon oversees nearly every aspect of the brokerage and leads with his philosophy of providing integrity and individualized service to clients. He is a licensed Property and Casualty Broker-Agent by the California Department of Insurance. 

Sharon Moore
Personal Lines Account Manager & Receptionist

Email: [email protected]

Sharon Moore has spent the last 20-plus years providing client services to personal lines insurance customers. Currently, Sharon serves as Defensive Insurance Services’ personal lines account manager, where she works closely with our clients to manage their insurance needs in personal property and liabilities.

Bev Haller
Commercial Lines Account Manager & Controller

Email: [email protected]

Bev Haller joined Defensive Insurance Services five years ago and currently serves as our Commercial Lines Account Manager. She handles the service work associated with small business insurance such as quotes, endorsements, audits, renewals, coverage issues, accounting, and certificates of insurance.


Before joining Defensive Insurance Services, Bev previously spent 35 years with Fireman’s Fund Insurance, where she served as a solutions-oriented business analyst in marketing, management information, commercial group underwriting, and information technology.

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